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If you love travelling as much as we do, you're probably starting to think about getting as far away from home as possible . You're probably a bit bored of daily life, are sick to the sight of your home town and have been dreaming about *that* beach for as long as you can remember.

Well, we're here to tell you that it's NOT you. We're all different, and actually some people just don't 'get' the whole travelling thing.


Our Real Gap Experience advisors have all travelled extensively on their own gap years and are eager to help you plan your trip of a lifetime!

No matter what you’re up for doing in your gap year, we have literally hundreds of gap year travel ideas to choose from.

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In Motion

From rail travel and holidays to car and campervan hire, we've got some pretty awesome and flexible transport options that'll get you around with no hassle and absolutely no worries.

We’re going to throw this out there; the world is HUGE! It's easy enough to book and travel to your destination, but what about getting around when you're there?

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At Akhile Tours, traveling is our passion. Let us use our talent & professionalism to capture the precious moments of your life.

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